Latest News!


Just Finished!

So excited to share that Gracie has had the opportunity to portray a female military hero in her younger years in a son to be major network docudrama.  She was so excited to meet her while filming on set and we are all beyond grateful for this opportunity!!!  That's all we can say for now but you can be sure that when more details come available we will share them here!

Rock Music Videos Released!

The videos Gracie filmed this last Fall have both been released!  

"Demolition Man" by Flotsam & Jetsam


"Losers" by The Monster & Me

Gracie just wrapped up filming another major music video with CineForge media that has just been released!

Movie Pilot!

Gracie will be featured in a brilliantly written movie pilot - Gladys & DeeDee:  Secrets!   This fifilm about a stepford wife type serial killer.   Gracie plays that character in her youth, as her personality is being carved out...pardon the pun!  This project has everyone talking and we cant wait to tell you more!  Crossing fingers and toes for this film to be picked up for a series next season!!!